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I maintain a page on Blogger where I post odd bits and bobs that I do and that cross my mind. The window below shows a view of the blog, but it would be much easier to read my blog and take part by clicking on the following link, which will take you go directly to the blog in a new window:

Boho Floral

Too many things going on at the moment to have much time to blog, but decided to join in with Winter school for the first time and happy to have found some time last week to work on the brief.
I am taking the advanced track and the brief was for a Glam, Boho Rock vibe!

You can see all the galleries with the lovely designs here!


Happy New Year

Slowly creeping back to normal here, so sending lots of wishes for the New Year!

Also have a few tea towels left in my Etsy shop if anyone is interested!


Best wishes for the holidays!

I realised I hadn't posted any festive images on my poor neglected blog so a little round up of my Christmas offerings!


Two new designs

The first lot of tea towels sold really well, so I added a couple more designs and had some more printed, All available in My Etsy Shop or message me directly.

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Tea towels

After a long time I have finally reopened my Etsy shop with four tea towels that I had printed.
Just testing the waters really to see if anyone likes them!
You can find them here


Modern Thrive Workshop

I am excited to annouce that I have been invited to participate in a one hour workshop on Modern Thrive on the 19th December. About Marketing and Self Promotion for Illustrators.
My session will be held at 8 pm GMT,  2pm CST
The link for sighing up is here and before the 5th December with this code "TraceyEnglishVIP"
you receive $30 off the price!
I will be joined by Marta Abad Blay and Penelope Dullaghan

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Everyday we are surrounded by things to enter and places to sell our work. This mouth Wraptious are having a cushion cover completion, I decided to joined in at the very last moment. Anyway my cushions could do with a little bit of love, voting finishes tomorrow. You can find them at the links below!

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Gosh its been a while since I popped a post on here!
It seems impossible to keep up with all the social media platforms nowadays!
anyway a little something for Halloween!

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Folio Focus

At the last minute I decided to join th Folio Focus course, need to catch up on week 1, and caught week two towards the end. Looking forward to starting on the third assignment today!

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Red Bubble

Finally opened a Red Bubble shop, it will probably take a while to stock with a few designs, but its a start!
You can find me here.

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Christmas Wrap

It was so lovely to be asked by Deva Designs to create some christmas wrap for them, cant wait to see it in the shops in the run up to the holidays.

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How exciting, just spotted some of my stickers that I did for Mrs Grossmans in their online store under Summer 2016!

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Holiday Sketchbook!

We are just back from a lovely couple of weeks in the North of The Netherlands, so thought I would share a few pages from my sketchbook and photo album.
You can see them all over on Instagram

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100 Days..............

Yay, finally the 100 day project has come to a close. Its been a rollar coaster ride of highs and lows but I am happy to of completed it along side my collage partner Julie Hamilton.
You can see all of mine together over on Pinterest or Instagram

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Last assignment for Bootcamp

July has been busy so hence the reason for lack of posts, but the Bootcamp gallery is now open so you can take a look here at all the wonderful journal cover designs. Also posting my other asignments as a round up of the last five months!


Bootcamp Gallery

Bootcamp gallery is now live, lots of beautiful images to be seen here! Including mine on page two!


Well as we know....

.............sadly didnt quite turn out that way!


Better together!

Big, Big day in the U.K today, lets just hope we can remain!


The 100 day project-Half way!

I wasn't even sure I would reach halfway but today is the 50th day of the 100 day project!! Catch my day to day snippings over on Instagram



This months Bootcamp was all about Tarot cards and star signs, as I'm a scorpio, I went for the High Priestess, I struggled a little with this one but I am happy I managed to complete something.
The gallery full of lovely images is here.

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